Using the power of the internet to network to share the best of…inspirations, enlightenment, freebies, opportunities and life lessons.


My life has been a continuation of learning, a thirst for knowledge, a hunger to understand “Why am I here?” “When will my purpose arrive?” ” Am I ready for the next step?”
I was the ugly duckling. I never seemed to fit in. I felt like I was sizing my shoes by other people’s measurements. I wasn’t shy. I am an extrovert. I just realized one day that I needed to stop what I was doing and do what I wanted to do! I realized that all the dreams I threw away, let myself forget, failed to plan for could be reinstated in my life. I did not need to be a passenger in this world. I decided then and there to be the driver. What a ride!!

I’d like to share my lessons with you. Help you reach that place in your life where you can say “I know who I am!” “I am walking in MY shoes!” and best of all, “I know who I am, I am doing what I love, and I’m loving life!”


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