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Know why you do what you do

Wow,what a fantastic week I’ve had.  I enjoyed steady improvement, constant contentment and a winter snow storm! I incorporated my loves of reading and writing and learning and sharing and excelling each day.

Did you make your list of loves and incorporate them this past week? I hope you gave that gift to yourself. It makes your soul happy to be true to you.

Why, why am I asking you to do this?

Because our true inner selves, the part of our brain that makes decisions, but has not control of language, can never be happy unless we do what we love and love what we do.  If you ever wished you could be happier, wealthier, freer, than I want to help you to get there.

This video came across my desk today and it is one I want to share with you today.  It says so succinctly what we all need to know.

I believe that 75% of people would like to be successful entrepreneurs. I believe that being a successful entrepreneur used to be a pipe dream. I know because I tried. I had an MLM experience that left me thinking, HUH!

Facebook logo

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But now, today, we have the mighty internet. The power of social marketing at our fingertips. Unbelievable opportunities are exploding around us in social media. Facebook has 500 million subscribers today. Half of those subscribers, 250,000,000 people, are checking into Facebook every single day. Every single day, 250 million people are spending an average of more than 34 minutes per day on Facebook. Wow!

The opportunity to jump in today and rock your life is here!! I am inspired to bring as my people on my journey to freedom as I can. I believe that this world is available to us as never before, for work and pleasure. I know that I can help you to become happier, wealthier, healthier, and freer than ever before.

Let’s rock 2011!