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capabilities that you have make you unique

The school system has it all wrong. They insist on making you work on things you are not gifted at, never do good at and generally don’t enjoy doing! One who’s poor in math, for example, must do a good many more questions than one who is good at it. In contrast, the things a student is good at gets less time spent on it, because, they are good at it!

To be success I believe we must do the opposite.

Seems to me that we should be working on enhancing those skills and abilities we are good at. Encourage investigation, explorations of the very things we seem to have  a slight edge at. Spend time and energy developing a greater understanding of the very things that intrigue us most.

Stop spending time on things you are not good at. Delegate those things. Hire out those things that you despise doing. You will NEVER be known for those things that you work hard at and  spend time on that you are not good at!!There is someone else in your community that is good at the very thing you wish you didn’t have to do. Find them to do it for you.

You only get one chance to make the best of today. Go out and spend your time doing something you are already kinda good at! Bet you’ll get satisfaction and maybe even, a little better! When you find success doing what you are already good at, have a inclination for, perhaps a love of, you will be remembered!

Have a joyful day! Share your unique gifts and let others share theirs.