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Live life on Purpose

Live your life “on purpose”. What does that really mean?
This morning I had the pleasure of listening to an interview with John Asaraf on YouTube. He speaks of living each day on purpose.
There is so much more knowledge these days about how the brain works.
There is many different ways experts can now map brain function.
Imagine your brain is an orchestra . There are many different parts that make up an orchestra. Compare the conductor to your conscious mind. So imagine that you decide you wanted to improve some area of your life, be it health, wealth, relationships, or whatever. That is your conscious brain or conductor . The conductor now has to get the rest of the orchestra on the same page. But they have the old sheet music and are comfortable playing it. Now the conductor knows that they will be able to learn and master the new selection . So the conductor passes around the new music. Some parts of the orchestra replace the old music sheets with the new selection and begin learning it. But just imagine that one or two musicians did not change to the new music. The music they play is still the old stuff, comfortable and easy. The conductor, upon hearing the dissonance, must stop the music and get the musicians on the same sheets.
Now compare that to you changing your station in life. You may understand that it is certainly possible and create a goal to achieve it. But, like the conductor, there will be parts of your brain that just want to continue doing just exactly what you have been doing all along. You must train the brain in all areas to play the new beat.
So to live a purpose filled life you must find your passion. Then you must upgrade your skills in this area. You must spend some time every day visualizing you as the new you. You also must spend some time each day reviewing past accomplishments. This exercise reminds your brain that even though you had challenges and setbacks you were still able to achieve success. It helps those musicians in your orchestra that are fearful to learn new music, if you will. In order to reach your goal you must believe you can achieve it and be comfortable with being uncomfortable just long enough to change the brain patterns to the new music. So if that is the steps, a little discomfort to get to the new comfort level, I urge you to think big. People making 2 or 3 times more than you are are not smarter or better than you. They just think different . Reality is truly just your perception . So whether you chose a very large goal or just a small goal your orchestra must change their sheet music so why not create a huge goal at the start.
John Asaraf compared your brain to a pot bound plant. Make sure the new pot is plenty big enough to allow for aggressive new growth.