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Why Do Some People Have It All, While Others Stumble and Crawl?

The Alpha level is associated with intuition and ESP. As adults we spend our day in Beta level.

It is possible to train yourself to achieve the Alpha level, at will, in less than 1 minute. Accomplishing this alone is a valuable feat—you are probably aware of the many benefits associated with meditation.

When you’re in the Alpha level state…. Nothing bothers you. Sounds don’t disturb you. Stress melts away. Headaches and migraines… may vanish forever. Productivity soars. Ambitions stay clearly on focus without distraction. Worries no longer suffocate you.
Time Magazine devoted an entire issue to Meditation in August 2003 and credited it as a solutions to range of illnesses from skin conditions, stress, and chronic heart disease to AIDS and infertility. It even reported that “meditation can sometimes be used to replace Viagra”.
Amazingly, the scientific community and health professionals are only now beginning to speak out about a concept Jose Silva knew and taught for years… that “the mind is the driving force behind ALL healing.”

José Silva (August 11, 1914 - February 7, 1999...

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Since the beginning of time, mankind has, at crucial intervals, pushed the envelope of its own existence—and uncovered monumental new possibilities in the way we live, think and interact with each other.

At the Silva Method, we believe mankind is on the cusp of a new breakthrough—a massive shift in consciousness that holds the potential to empower each and every one of us with a healthier, happier, wealthier, more fulfilled life than we ever dared dream possible.

The key to this ‘consciousness revolution’ lies in our minds—the greatest creation of all time. Our founder, the iconic Jose Silva, spent over five decades researching and experimenting on this ‘great machine’.

And what he discovered could forever change the way we live.

Welcome to the next step in human evolution.

Jose Silva’s daughter, Laura Silva, has carried on the Silva Method. For a FREE course on the basics of the Silva System go to

In just the first day of training, you will be able to meditate and relax your mind and body within 1 minute. Many graduates report the ability to control stress, headaches, tensions, anger and insomnia.

But there is more that happens to you once you are able to control your brainwave frequency.

In our research we found that 90% of people who were trained to function at these levels of mind were able to demonstrate evidence of human intuition.

In Silva we teach you how to use this intuition to make better decisions in life. In a larger sense, we teach people to use this intuition to tap into inspiration and creativity. Artist, writers, thinkers and entrepreneurs have hailed the Silva Method as a useful tool to allow them create a “flow of ideas”.

You will discover scientifically-proven mental visualization methods to speed up recovery from illness, to instantly cure pain and injury, to obtain radiant health, help prevent illness and disease.

Hard to believe? Well… consider that a world-renowned cancer therapy researcher Dr. O. Carl Simonton, called the Silva technique, “the most powerful single tool that he can offer his patients”.

The Silva Method teaches you total control over your own lives and habits. Imagine being able to erase bad habits like smoking or over-eating without hypnosis. Or being able to sleep better and wake up on time. And having thorough control over your emotional state of Mind.

To concept of re-wiring habits work this way: while functioning at deeper levels of mind, you learn specific positive statements and visualization techniques to change your patterns of behavior or emotional state.

It’s a two step process that is far more powerful than simply self-hypnotism, affirmations or visualization.

We are spiritual beings in a human experience. Let’s resolute to making 2011 the year we take control of our lives.

God Bless you all in 2011,

Joyful joann

PS there is no money or fame for me  in passing on this link today. Just the knowledge that I have enabled my followers to take control of their lives. Love ya!

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