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Capabilities-part 2 of the Power of Trust

Once you have established your own integrity, your credibility will balance on your capabilities.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

*Do I have the right skills?

*Do I have the correct knowledge–Am I relevant?

*Am I current in my field, can I add value or am I relying on yesterday’s skill set?

*What’s my track record?

*Do my results inspire trust and confidence?

This will help you develop your 4 CORES





When you have the 4 cores you can, first and foremost, trust Yourself, but then you can also present to the world a person that can be trusted, is worthy of trust, and deserving of it.

Once trust is achieved there is NOTHING as fast as the Speed of Trust. The fruit of trust is that every relationship built on it, every interaction, every communication, every transaction is extraordinary.

Nothing is as profitable as the economics of trust.