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You can climb mountains

You can climb mountains, but you could also take the valley route and still get to your ultimate goal.

Kilimanjaro—Africa’s highest mountain—is located on Tanzania’s northern border with Kenya, and is made up of three extinct volcanoes, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. The highest peak, Uhuru, is 19,340 feet high.

There is no doubt that with dedication, determination, perseverance and a strong desire you can achieve any goal you set your sights on.  But each person has their own idea of what is worth doing.  If you are set to climb every mountain you may find yourself alone on your journey!

If you will, imagine life as a trip from here (birth) to there(death) with many roads to choose along the way. We have to make choices all along the way.  How do you pick which way to go?

Mountains - Autumn in Denali

Mountains - Autumn in Denali (Photo credit: blmiers2)

If you are very close to the situation it makes it much more difficult to decide which way to go.  If you already have an idea where you want to end up on the road, further along the way, it will help you decide which Y in the road to chose today.  Then you will be able to train for the mountains, to plan and organize and mentally prepare to do what has to be  done to get to the top.

Planning a life path allows you to chose which mountains are worth climbing and which ones you will pass by along the valley, an easier route to be sure.

So enjoy the easy walks and prepare for the climbs and keep smiling! Here’s to the journey : )


Good is the Enemy of Great

I heard a great quote from my mentor Raymond Aaron this week and felt the need to spread the word.  It really opened up my thoughts when I heard it.  Just the kind of thing I promised to deliver on this blog (read my About Page).

The quote goes like this—We are kept from our goal not by an obstacle, but by a clear path to a lesser goal.

WOW! It’s not the big obstacle in the way that stops us.  It is a clear path to the easier goal!  If you just follow the path to the easier goal then that’s good. You made the goal. But when your real goal gets lost because the lesser goal has been attained that is not good.Cover of "Good to Great: Why Some Compani...

The #1 Bestseller from Jim Collins, Good to Great, teaches the lesson that the enemy of great is good.   If you attain something and deem it good then that is good enough. No need to do more, it’s good.  Mind you it is not great!

Your purpose in your lifetime, I believe, is to share the gifts you have been given. To strive to give the world your select set of skills in your own way.  In order to do this, you must resist the temptation to reach the easy goals and keep taking the next step to your ultimate goal.


God bless!