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Today I want to bring up the topic of having beauty around us. Sure, you say, we know that. But really get into the spirit of being uplifted. Beautiful things make us smile and inside, they make our souls sing. If you surround yourself with beautiful things, and remove those things that do not make us smile, you will be in a higher place within yourself. You will see, feel, hear and think on the plane of the spiritual. This in turn makes your soul happy and that happiness will pervade your everyday. People will ask what you are smiling about!
So today, look around yourself at work, at home, in your living room, your bedroom…..and remove what does not make you smile. Treat yourself to a little work of art that makes you smile and hang it up where you can appreciate it. The point in the art is the picture. It is not the signature that makes you smile. Focus on finding those things that make you smile.
For me, that means getting rid of paper clutter. That means putting up shelves in the closet and organizing the clutter behind the closet door. It means setting up my angel fountain and smiling without even looking at it, because I will hear the faint water sounds when I am in my office.
Go out and find your beauty.

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