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Everything today is rushing at us at a frightening pace.  Without realizing it years go by. Years that often pass just pulling it all together enough to get everyone to where they need to be with clean clothes and food to eat. Leaving chance to let things happen as they may.

Why is this happening to me! I hate change! I want everything to stay just like this.

Change is inevitable-

…children grow up                                   …houses get too big/too small

…parents get old                                      ….jobs change

…volunteer positions come and go

…loved ones die                                    …businesses open/close

…babies are born

Change is inevitable. But you can create change , plan for it, make it a goal and realize achievement.  You have to have a desire to be the Force that Creates the Change!No more waiting for some day when you can work towards your dreams. Today is the day!

There is no guarantee, NONE, that there is a tomorrow.

You need to act on making your dreams come true today!

Today you need to look at your list of loves and work on making them part of your today.

As we say in Network Marketing you need to have a “WHY”

Once you have a WHY you need a realiable, proven product. Talk to me, I have the answer for that. I would love to have some people with their WHY’s eating them up come join me in making their lives financially free. Cause let’s face it, we all want to be free.

Have a blessed day,

Jo-Ann Cote


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