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We Can Do Anything

We can do anything we want if we stick with it long enough.    Helen Keller

So you want to make a change?  Are you motivated to make an alteration, or to transform your life? What will make you feel successful?

Success is the consistent achievement of progressively more difficult goals.       Raymond Aaron

With that thought in mind, it could be said, that the journey, not the destination is success in itself. A goal fulfilled in the journey is a celebration! A marker in the journey to the new you.  The you that walks in “your own shoes“.

So who are you? What do you love? Get out a pencil and a paper and make a list, in no particular order, of the things that you love.  Be honest with yourself.  Don’t write down things that you should love, like your sister that is your polar opposite! Write down the things that appeal to the soul of You.

  • What makes you smile?
  • What gets you excited at the thought of doing it?
  • What produces satisfaction in you when you participate in it?

Now write down next to each one why it is important to you. How important is it? Highlight your top 5.

Here is your challenge: Incorporate those top 5 things you love into your life this month.  Do it now! Make a change. Do what you love Today!

Let me know what your challenges were and what you did to overcome them!

Tomorrow I will talk about creating room in your life for passion.



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