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Walk in your OWN shoes!

wanting more from your life?

wishing you loved what you do?

seeking opportunities to improve yourself?

Well, welcome! This blog is aimed at helping my fellow sisters and brothers to “Walk In Your OWN Shoes!”

I sat back on my 40th birthday and looked at my life.  I was doing a job I was good at, but not what I wished I was doing.  I realized that somewhere between high school and motherhood I had put my own personal dreams and goals into retirement. I did what I “Had To Do” to pay the bills that arrived during marriage and parenthood. I was not walking in my shoes.

My mentor, that’s right-I hired a personal mentor at 40-made me believe in me again!  He helped me reawaken my own desires, the dreams I had carefully tucked away in the recesses of my mind.  He urged me to pull them out of those recesses and write them down.  He convinced me to believe that I could be that person who did what I loved, and loved what I did!

What would your life look like if you only did what you love?  Imagine that for a moment….What would you be doing right now if you had nothing to stop you? Would you change careers? Would you move? Would you travel the world? Volunteer? Sleep more? Sleep less? Would you be the size you are? Would you have more money than you have now? Just imagine!

Picture in your mind where you would live…what is the house made of? where is it? what is around you? where in the world is it?

You don’t have to be great to get started, you have to get started to be great.    Les Brown

Let’s start a movement.  Let’s get excited about our lives.  We are not at dress rehearsal, we only get one chance to live out our day.  Let’s begin to live in “OUR OWN SHOES”.

Check back on Friday for my next blog! Have a great couple days.


Comments on: "Walk in your OWN shoes!" (2)

  1. Lori McBlain said:

    Well done Jo-Ann!! Very proud of you for taking these steps!

    • thanks Lori. I have been attending seminars, webinars, conferences, buying and studying online courses, etc. I have much more depth and am ready for the height!!

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